igh Precision Machining Department

The development of hardware and software solutions for the digital factory needs various skills: in-depth knowledge (both mechanical and electronic) of industrial machines, many years of experience in managing real production factories, IT infrastructure and programming skills, scientific skills, well-established attitude to apply the new technologies available on the market.

All these skills together make MARES 4.0+ different from the other solutions developed on the market by common software houses.

MARES 4.0+ originates from the skills of technicians, engineers and managers of FPT Industrie S.p.A., company that has been producing, for more than 50 years, industrial machines for the whole world and performs the majority of machining internally.

MARES digital factory is a reality.

MARES 4.0+ Platform was not developed on computers, but in a real digital factory called HPMD (High Precision Machining Department), which is the excellence department of FPT Industrie for mechanical precision production. Every day in this department the solutions implemented by MARES are used and improved.

In this department, MARES technical personnel works in close contact with production managers, machine engineers, logistic managers, researchers for the development of new technologies.

That is the reason why we are the best partner for your digital transformation process, because we do the same work and have the same goals as you: “Produce better, in the shortest time, at the lowest cost”.